A question we hear quite often from store owners is; "How can I see my store information from home or on the road?" In the past you would have to use something like pcAnywhere or GoToMyPC, which would tie up a computer during the remote access. Well, we now have a much better solution...

Best of all POSitive Connect is a standard feature of POSitive GEM & POSitive GEM SE!

POSitive Connect makes it possible to view sales data, run reports and look up customers, inventory, vendors, invoices and employees with a standard web browser. Installation requirements are simple. All you need is a PC compatible computer with a broadband internet connection and access to the POSitive Retail Manager database*.




When you log into POSitive Connect, you'll see a menu of options to choose from:

  • View up to the minute Sales data
  • View Pending orders, layaways & services
  • Lookup Invoice histories
  • Lookup Customers, Inventory, Vendors, Employees
  • View Tender & VAT Reports
  • Multi-Site information is also available



POSitive Connect is LIVE! see data current to that moment.

POSitive Connect takes only a few minutes to install and is unobtrusive, it will not slow down your store system.




Do you want to see POSitive Connect in action?

Click the log or this link to login Click this link or the log below to see a demo.


Try POSitive Connect demo now


*POSitive Connect works exclusively with POSitive GEM and POSitive GEM SE, it is not compatible with older versions of POSitive solutions.