Simplicity is the name of the game when it comes to your till points sales screen
All of POSitiveGEM solutions include an advanced Touch Screen editor, which allows you to fully customise your registers front end Touch Screen interface to match your specific needs


Why? Simple, intuitive screen layouts make staff training & till functionality quicker, easier & more effecient. Having just the controls that you need for your till point reduces staff errors, speeds up transactions and increases the customer experience at the register.





With the touch screen layout editor you can create you own look and feel to suit your corporate identity & create simple efficient selling screens. If you have registers located at different concessions then why not have screens optimised to work for these different departments, eg. Gift & Crafts, Main Garden Centre Checkout, Pet Centre etc.



This is a screenshot of the touch screen layout editor, you can add your own button shapes & styles, have 3D or flat buttons and pretty much any button colour!

Want the item/plants picture show up as you ring the sale through or maybe a button to print a plant or animal care sheet off on demand for your customer! No problem, it can all be achieved with POSitiveGEM, you can have unlimited pages of buttons too!



The editor provides you with a series of predifined controls or 'smart buttons' that will take you through set proceedures, you can have a button jump to a new page, open a list of items in a particuar department & category or simply sell an item directly, you can even have it call another program from your computer. The editor also allows you to import & export saved screen layouts, so you could design a screen for 'Special Events' then call it up on the day if you really wanted to! Changing the background of the touch screen interface is a breeze too, and allows you to have logos & company themes follow through into you till system.