The roots of the company go back to 1981 when it began life as Kennewick Computer Company and sold Atari computers. Computer sales and service remained the primary focus of the company for several years, until the need for a better point of sale system lead the company in a new direction. Not satisfied with the products available at the time, company management decided to create their own custom POS solution. When other merchants expressed interest in the software, the decision was made to form POSitive Software Company as a division that would concentrate on the development and marketing of the new point of sale product.

1993 saw the 1st commercial release of POSitive Retailer at the Fall COMDEX in November of that year, then one of the largest tradeshows in the world. POSitive Retailer was DOS based and remained our flagship program until 1999.

In 1996 POSitive started to write POSitive for Windows. That software was three years in development and was released in February 1999. POSitive for Windows is now in its fifth generation and has thousands of users around the world.

In 1999 POSitive for Windows reached Gold status and was officially launched along with Account Wizard E-Commerce Systems, providing a complete “round trip” e-commerce solution that seamlessly integrates the store based POS system with the web based e-commerce system. Orders taken on the web make the “round trip” by importing the web orders from the web into POSitive For Windows at the click of a button.

2006 was a year of development as we readied two new products for release: POSitive Retail Manager and POSitive Commerce. POSitive Retail Manager is built around a SQL database and incorporates many new features, such as a fully customizable touch screen interface, that have been requested by our customers. POSitive Commerce is our new e-commerce service which was built using open source technology from Joomla and VirtueMart. In conjunction with POSitive for Windows or POSitive Retail Manager, POSitive Commerce is a "full round trip" e-commerce solution.

2008 brought continued improvement to POSitive Retail Manager and POSitive Commerce. The POSitive Support department introduced 24/7 support and launched the very popular daily "open training" sessions. In December, after a number of months in development, POSitive released POSitive GEM – Green Enterprise Management, a product that was developed specifically for the garden industry.

In 2009 POSitive released 2 new versions: POSitive Retail Manager SE, a low-cost, entry-level version of the flagship POSitive Retail Manager and POSitive GEM SE for the Garden Centre indusrty. After a strong uptake of POSitive GEM throughout North America the GEM solution was launched in the UK.

2014 saw the start of development for the Enterprise sector, the releases are due early 2018

In 2017 the next phase for the POSitive suite of solutions was launched with POSitive for Retail and POSitive for Business to replace the outgoing POSitive Retail Manager system.

We will continue to develop innovative and affordable point of sale and e-commerce products for independent retailers in North America, the Caribbean, the United Kingdom and Europe.