Believe it or not, Employee theft is the biggest cause of stock shrinkage for a retail business.
Detailed logging and a good security system can pay for an entire POS system in a matter of months!

POSitive Software Company have worked with a worldwide professional CCTV/DVR system manufacturer to bring you a truely innovative and enhanced security solution.

The POSitive GEM DVR integration is an outstanding mix of technologies that enables owners and managers to observe activities (either archived or as they occur in real-time) and compare viewed actions with entered data. The end result is nothing less than simplicity itself - an efficiently managed video and text searchable archived representation of all transactions and actions.



POSitive Streams & Indexes detailed activity logging including:

  • Adding items to an invoice
  • Removing items from an invoice
  • Voiding an invoice
  • Opening the cash drawer
  • Changing the price of an item
  • Discounting an item
  • Clocking in/out
  • Emergency button press on till
  • ... and more!



Unlike most POS systems that simply displays pole display/printer information on top of the video recording at the time of the printout, POSitive GEM streams real-time, live activity data from each terminal to the Digital Video Recorder (DVR). So you can search, locate & watch the actions as they happened. This is then overlayed and conbined with conventional security video to produce a surveillance record that represents a true combination of information with action. All input data is indexed as text, allowing users to search video archives for specific incidents, by keywords or phrases such as VOID, NO SALE, REFUND, CLOCK IN/OUT or sales items being monitored.



The Interface provides these benefits:

  • Search video by time, date and transaction keywords
  • Verify sales transactions and improve profit
  • Pinpoint activities in minutes, not hours
  • Minimize shrinkage and questionable transactions
  • Real-time monitoring of data with corresponding video
  • Warning signal output programmable by keyword